Fishing Derby info

2018 Fishing Derby July 21 & 22, 2018

Salmon Derby Hosted by Chimacum Alumni Association

Anyone can enter!

Weigh-location: The Fishing Hole at the Port Townsend Fuel Dock

Tickets available at our sponsor's locations
TICKETS $30 per adult  Kids 14 and under Free

Prizes:  1st place  $1000, 2nd place $500, 3rd place $250, Mystery Weight $250 5th through 10th place donated from local business. 

Any size Salmon could win so make sure to weigh-in your catch.

Kids prizes: 1st place $100, 2nd place New Bicycle, 3rd place New Bicycle other great kid's prizes.

Where to launch your boat: Lower Port Hadlock Boat Launch, Fort Flagler State Park, Port of Port Townsend Marina, Mats Mats Bay, Port Ludlow.

Contact Billy Eldridge (360) 821-1007

All proceeds benefit Chimacum Alumni Association.

Rules and Regulations

Chimacum Alumni Association must seat at least 90 tickets for cash prizes to be at this amount, otherwise they will be as follows: 1st place - 50% of ticket sales proceeds, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place-12.5%, 5th through 10th will and kid prizes remain the same.

We anticipate selling at least enough tickets to cover the advertised cash prize amounts, as we have done in the past, however  this is our 6th derby and as a no-profit organization we cannot afford to lose money.

1.Ticket sales will end at noon. Saturday, July 22, 2017 (available only at The Fishing Hole).

2.Weigh-in hours are Saturday 8am to 3pm and Sunday 8am to 12noon.

3.Salmon will be certified by derby officials. Derby officials may disqualify and fish that has been or appears to have been tampered with. The decisions of the derby officials on legality, time and weight are final and binding.

4.Fish will be weighed in at the location listed in the whole to determine the official weight. In the event of a tie the fish weighed in first wins.

5. Fishing will only be allowed in the open area of WDFW Marine Area 9 as described in the current WDFW regulation pamphlet.

6. All contestants must fish in accordance with current WDFW fishing regulations. Any violations of WDFW regulations will disqualify the participant with no recourse.

7. All person onboard boats fishing this derby must possess a derby ticket. Weighed fish will be disqualified if it is found that all onboard do not posses a derby tickets including kids who turn in a fish for prize. Kids tickets are free but the still need on: TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT OUR SPONSORS LOCATIONS.

8. Salmon must be caught between dawn-3pm Saturday, July 22 and dawn-12 noon Sunday, July 23, 2017.

9. Salmon must arrive via water to qualify for weigh-in and prizes no later than 12 noon Sunday, July 23.

10. Prizes and awards will be limited to one person excluding Mystery Weight.

11. Awards ceremony will be held Sunday, July 23 at 2pm, Port of Port Townsend Marina.

12. Prize winners need not be present to win. Your prize will be mailed to you if you are not present.


Four Corners Store
Eldridge Homes, Inc.
Olympic Equipment Rentals
Westside Marine
The Fishin' Hole/Port Townsend Fuel Dock

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