Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chimacum Alumni June 18 2016 (pictures)

Ole Kilmer 53 and Andy Kilmer 47

Diana Spradley Caldwell 72

Aubrey Redling 56 and friends

Marvin Coulter 50

George Huntingford 37, Margie Myers Helander 51, Andy Kilmer 47. 

Karen Choice, Elsie Kilmer Lopeman 48, Ole Kilmer 53, Charlotte Carlin Lundgren 48

Earl Woodley 51, Ole Kilmer 53, George Huntingford 37

Earl, Ole, Brandt Lowrie 75, Elsie

Aubrey Redling 56, Bob Williams 56

Lester Allen 66, and John O'Donnell 66

Rob Miller 86 and Trish Shold Miller 87

Let's eat older classmates chowing down. Marge, Marvin, Nancy Stickney 45 and Harry Francis 46.

Ray Lowrie, Teacher 60's 70' 80's

Brian and Judi Fisher Thompson 86, standing and Kerrie Ceehorne 86

Melissa Lopeman Tahir 96

Class of 56 in attendance were Armond Swanson, George Zimmerman, Don McConaghy, Aubrey Redling, Bob Williams, Shirley Macleod Moseley and Richarc "Dick' Toepper.

Father Daughter  56/86 Bob Williams and Andrea Willams Raymor.

Class of 66 -- front row Sheila Lechtenberg Gifford, Jan McLeod Curtis, Kitti Udd Delong, Linda Kleeman Snagster, Marilyn Lopeman Peterson, Helena Mosley Stapf . Sharon Kleeman Cusic. Back Row Dave Beckman, Carl Lindsay, Don Moody, Bill Lopeman, John Ammeter, Lester Allan, John O'Donnel, Bill Snyder and Harold Slack.

Class of 76 -- front row, Kenny Gainer, Shelley Bishop, Tina Shuff Frankin, Patti McClellan, Tracy Moore Thompson, Jean Hoffer Mugaas. Back Row, Terri Clarke Paquin, Nancy Garber Post, Teresa Ray Wren, EllaRae Prince.

Tina Shuff Franklin 76 and Rick Shuff 81

Jake Johnson  91