Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some pictures from 2014 Dinner

CHS Class of 1954 - Jim Steele, Margery Hubbard, Mutt Thompson, Heather Hunt Gilden,Tom Hall, Richard McConaghy

Front row, Judy Huntingford Baum, Kathy Larson Whitney, Donna Dingey Camfield, Nancy Dagget McConaghy, Betty Huntingford Nudsfor, Winnie Knoepfle Palm. Back row, Dave Petersen, Mike Miller, Duke Shold, Jim Donn, Melody Lechtenberg, Mike Snyder, Laurie Hannon, Janice Good Bishop and Gene Sayer.
CHS Class of 1974
Front row, Connie Huntingford Barrows, Jan Charwell Woodley, Pattie Devere Grove, Deb Peak Fultz, Diane Belmont, Lois Coulter Olson
Back row, Janet Stephens Hollingsworth, David Moody, Gordon Rowe, Jim Fultz, Chris Lopeman, Mary Hoffman Noble, Rhonda Twiggs
Walt Klockers, Charlotte Lundgren and George Huntingford
The great organizers of the CHS Alumni Banquet - Becky Lopeman Fernandes 1972, Colleen Coulter Jones 1973
CHS Class of 1969 - Front row, Linda Ingman Laughlin, Barbie Barbara Carroll Coulter Evans, Dorothy Mc Conaghy Fentress, Bonnie Michelson Walters, Nancy Klockers Johnson, Ellen Westergaard Anglin.
Back row, Carol Kelm, Bill Stewie, Bob Fultz, Dennis Bates, Reed Walters, Kathy Guthrie Johnson, Carolyn Lopeman Allen — with Linda Ingman Laughlin, Robert Fultz, Nancy Johnson and Ellen Anglin.

Scholarship winners 2014 -
Front - Olivia Baird, Lauren Thacker, Samantha Cerna
Back - Ty Wolfe, Michael Garten, Greggory Shold

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