Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Derby Winners

Chimacum Alumni Derby – 1. Jared Thacker  25lbs 12ounces

                                                 2. Dan Brown   25lbs 11ounces

                                                 3. Tim Twiggs   25lbs 8ounces

                                                 4. Jason Minish 24lbs 14ounces

                                                 5. Ken Minish  23lbs 13ounces

                                                 6. Walt Guthrie  23lbs 6ounces

                                                 7. Shawn Mackey  22lbs 15ounces

                                                 8. Dan Hilt  22lbs 12ounces

                                                 9. Jeff Minish 22lbs

                                               10. Bob Eldridge 21lbs 11ounces


                                             Mystery Fish Weight --- 20.6  -- caught by Dave Rodia


         Kids --  1. Jackson Cordon  10lbs 1ounces

                      2. Lindsay Ellingsford

                      3. Elaina Rodgers

                      4. Olivia Ellingsford

                      5. Kole Eldridge


Total of 133 adults and 12 children participated this year with a total of 79 fish weighed in.


Sponsors  -- Four Corners Store --- Eldridge Homes, Inc – LPL Financial Services, Rich Gastfield, Olympic Equipment Rentals, Westside Marine, The Fishin’ Hole/Port Townsend Fuel Dock, Hadlock Motel.


Kid winners, Jackson Cordon, Kole Eldridge, Elaina Rodgers, Linday and Olvia Ellingsford
Tim Twiggs, Dan Brown (78), Jared Thacker (03) and Billy Eldridge, derby chairman.

Dave Rodia and Billy
Walt Guthrie and Billy
Billy and Bob Eldridge (77)
Jason (03), Jeff and Ken Minish.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dale Judy's daughter sent this picture of the class of 1940. Anyone have names for the.