Sunday, July 22, 2012

Salmon Derby pictures 22JUL2012

Brandt Lowrie 1974
Ray Lowrie
Boone Garten 2011

Billy Eldridge (chairman) Tobias Benton 2nd place, Tim Twiggs 3rd Place
Linda Lopeman 71 Mystery Weight
Bill Eldridge 4th place

Sean Nixon 5th place

Jason Minish --- Alumni

Jared Thacker 9th place
Wayne Clements 8th place

Cheri Morgan 10th place
Hunter Peterson 1st place kids.

Elaina Rogers 4th place kids
McKenna Ivarson 5th place kids

Konner Ivarson 6th place kids

The board!!!!!
Willie K 71 -- helper.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dinner pictures June 16 2012

Class of 1937
George Huntingford, Ruth Kilmer Anderson and Walt Klockers
Becky Lopeman Fernandes 72, your new alumni president and daughter
Mandi Fernandes Quashnick 96.
Brian McConaghy Class of 87
Gary Putaansuu, Rita Yackulic Schlief, Diane Schier Gray, Claudia Nelson Watts,
Jacque Edgington Bancroft, Maxine Evanson Robbins, Mike Toepper, Mavis Kilmer Jackson
Dave Curdie. Front row, Roy Beckman, Gene Petersen, Myron Lopeman,
Larry Westergaard and Mary Hannan Seurer. Class of 62
Dave Noble, Jim Ray, Ted Porter, Becky Lopeman Fernandes, Blaise Stephanus,
Diana Spradley Cadlwell, Jay Russ, Glen Huntingford, Mike Jackson and Mark Lopeman.
Class of 72
Class of 2002
Anthony Short, Ken Mount, Jami Lopeman, Billy Eldridge,Krista Mudge, Alisha Smith, Stephanie Schaff-Branca.

Dan Yarr class of 1936.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Class of 2002

Ten year reunion Class of 2002. Alumi President is Billy Eldridge who graduated this year.

Class of 1972 eighth grade 1967-68

Class of 1972. eight grade. Back row, Glen Huntingford, Blaise Stephanus, Mark Lopeman, Ted Porter, James Ray, Gary Francis, Dave Noble, Mike Sharko, Curt Marlow, Waldo Edgington, Becky Lopeman, Tom Deskins, Bob Shold, Steve Steven, Middle row, Joann Jackson, Sue Logg, Linda Matheson, Jeanine Woodley, Janet Coulter, Cathy Cross, Peggy Young, Scott Kilmer, Diana Spadley, Carla Moen, Cynthia Wilson, Linda Herzog, Cathy Putas. Front Row, Tony White, Elmer Headley, Jay Russ, Paula Palmer, Debbie Hicks, Mike Jackson, Jack Ondrack, Larry Smith, Sally Rossi, Charlie
Hartzell and Jim Peters.

Monday, March 12, 2012

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